Friday, October 10, 2008

Something Sweet

I had been working on a new comic book idea and had gotten as far as drawing and inking about 8 pages of it, but after stepping back and looking at what I had done I was dissapointed in myself. My paneling needed a lot of work, my inking was shaky, and the level of detail I put into the pages was inconsistant. I had some friends who are also into comics look critque my pages which was very helpful but at the same time it made me frustrated. Every time I feel like I'm getting the hang of something I get a little reality check like that, that'll make me feel like I'm even further away than I was before. But, I am making progress. One of my friend's suggested that I take a break from the more ambitious story that I was working on and focus on my skills by doing a short comic of only a few pages. So that's where "Something Sweet" comes in. It'll be a simple short story of about 6 pages. Here are some of my rough character sketches, thumb nail drawings, and the penciled first page.

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Reyna said...

i really really enjoyed your drawings wow what a talent God gave you. Congratulations!