Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dragon in Color

In the spring semester I did a pencil sketch of this guy, today I felt like taking him into photoshop for some color! :D

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vinyl Toys!

Here's my first attempt at painting vinyl figures! This little monkey glows in the dark and was bought from Toy2R at comic-con a few years ago. You can buy your own BabyQee here for $10:
First a sketch was drawn of course...
...then, the parts I wanted to glow were covered with stickers. I used a spray on primer & then painted the rest by hand with acrylic paints. As a last step, I sprayed on a glossy finish.

Next, I painted a vinyl figure I bought at Urban Outfitters made by Munny world. Mini Foomi was a the perfect shape for Marco P. the main character in my thesis project, so of course I couldn't resist making a mini-Marco! You can buy your own Munny here for $9.95:

Horse sketch

Our Amish neighbors were over the other day doing some work for us & I had fun doing this quick sketch of their horses.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fundamentals of Texturing & Lighting

We had two major projects during the course of the summer semester which is just about over now. The first was the alley way project where we were given a black set model in Maya to texture using real photos, combining them in for the UV maps in photoshop.

For our final project we were given a photo and a blank model for a pumpkin, which we had to texture, light, and then composite so that the 3D pumpkin would become indistinguishable from the rest. I think I was getting close, but there is still more I could do with it.