Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Me-Chan's Search

I'm so excited to share with you, "Me-Chan's Search" which I've been working on since last year!  It's finally finished and up on youtube!  The project was done specifically for children who experienced the 2011 tsunami in Japan, and is currently only in the Japanese language.  The story is about a little lamb who's surveying the aftermath of the tsunami.  Nothing is left except for one large heart shaped rock.  This rock reminds us that even if everything else is washed away, God's big love will remain.

The project was done with a combination of Autodesk Maya for the basic animation, and Toon Boom for the clean-up.  With the exception of one scene I cleaned up, my part was mostly working on the basic character animation in Maya.  Unlike most Maya projects, we chose to not inbetween the scenes, giving the animation a different feel closer to stop-motion in style.