Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Caricature Rejects

I'm normally not too ofended when I get a reject. I don't get them often and when I do, it'll be one that I myself felt wasn't as good as it could be, but I kinda took this one personal. I felt I had nice clean lines and a good likeness. The mother didn't say why she didn't want to buy it and had stoped me even before I even finished coloring it in. I thought it was a nice drawing so I went ahead and completed it so I can maybe use it as a demo.

I really had an annoying day today. I did another one where the lady didn't think the drawing looked like her son but liked the way her grandaughter turned out. She wanted me to change only his nose. I said no at first, hello it's a marker! Anyway a lot of times one person in the family might think the drawing is off, while everyone thinks it's dead on so I useually leave it up to the one's being drawn to decide. But, she said with no small hint of disdain, "I'll pay for it but it does not look like him at all." Her attitude really made me angry. I felt like crying, it's a caricature! You're getting a caricature! I exagerate! It's what I do! gahh I was really annoyed and it probably showed which is regretful.. I try my best to be kind to the customers even if they are not kind to me. The 90 degree weather today wasn't helping my mood much either. I ripped off the drawing to start over, she wanted me to start with him this time and I did, she paid for it, and I retraced the rest of the drawing. I miss getting the customers who think that the mere fact you can make a line on paper using a marker is something amazing.

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