Friday, March 8, 2013

Marvel Tribute Show Nov. 16th San Diego

Back in November, I had a piece up at the Marvel Tribute Show in San Diego, CA which was organized by a good friend of mine.  I'd been wanting to post about it, but didn't get a chance to until now.  For my illustration I worked in photoshop like I often do.  I didn't even get to attend the show in person, but my friend printed it out and framed it.  You can see it on the wall in the pic below and I think it came out looking good!

I have a really hard time drawing anything that isn't cute, so I when ahead and embraced the cuteness, picking May Parker as my heroine.  I decided to portray her rescuing cats who might have landed on their feet anyway, but appreciate not using up one of their nine lives regardless.
Below you can see my original sketch.  I usually start out pretty lose like this and do a lot of the real drawing and refining directly in photoshop.  I work with a wacom intus tablet.

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