Monday, September 10, 2012

Eau Claire Comic Con 2012

About a week before the event, I found out that Eau Claire has a comic-con and decided to contact the coordinator on the off chance there might still be space left.  There was one table available so I made it mine!  This summer I've been trying to hit up as many venues as I can selling art prints, cards, and other items featuring my characters while I continue my job search.  I'm so glad that I was able to attend the comic convention as it was a really fun day!  I made new friends, and sold some art!

Warm-up sketches
Aside from my prints I offered to do live sketches which brought me back to my days as a caricaturist.  It was nice to have more freedom this time though, since I could just embrace my own style with the drawings.  I was nervous, having not done any sketches in front of an audience for quiet some time, so I started with a few quick warmups to calm myself.  It definitely worked.

The night before the con I had even practiced a little, trying to figure out which markers I wanted to bring a long.  I used a black Tombow Duo Brush Pen ( for the outlines, and colored with Copic Markers ( and Woodless Colored Pencils aka Art Stix ( Below are a couple of my experimental sketches.  The first is Catwoman inspired, the second featured Supergirl with my characters Penguin & Peep.  I did another Supergirl drawing the night before which I ended up selling so I don't have a scan of it, but you can see a bit of it in the lower right corner of the photo at the top.
Friday night sketch

Supergirl with Penguin & Peep

So, Saturday after warming up I got a couple commissions.  I drew some kids as superheros, a fanart piece of the anime charcter Rena, and at the very end of the day, I drew a kid as a zomie which was a very fun piece.  When I wasn't doing those, I kept on doodling.  I didn't have reference for any of these fun sketches, so they were all purely from memory.  Check 'em out:
Another Catgirl

Robin Hood
Dorky Batman (looks more like a Batman Cosplayer)

Sailor Moon

Penguin & Peep Christmas.. I'll color this one to turn into a Print

King Arthur checking out his new attire
 When I look back on these drawings I'm surprised at how many I managed to draw throughout the day in between commissions, sales, and chatting with people.  There are two more drawings I did that I don't have scans of, one was of Penguin & Peep which I drew in a little boy's sketch book, another was a sketch I gave to the coordinator of yet another Supergirl (I guess I really like drawing her)!

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