Saturday, March 13, 2010

Clothed Figure Drawing Week 6

Obviously we arn't drawing just clothed figures, our teacher felt that the class as a whole needed more practice focusing just on the figures so we've been doing some nudes to warm up before going into the more complicated clothed figure drawings.

In this class the teacher encourages us to use a "direct drawing" approach and start from the head. I've been trying to do it his way but starting from the head and moving straight down the body makes it a lot hard for me to get proportions correct. It's making me end up with a lot of drawings where the head is slightly too small. Not sure if I should keep doing it his way... I never had probablems with proportions before doing it my way which is to start with the most prominent part of the gesture and work from there, bouncing around back and forth, often drawing the head last.
Starting from the top and working down has made my upper bodies seem stiff but by the time I get to the legs things start to look more free the way I can usually draw. Maybe trying so hard to do it his way causes me to have a mental block.. I don't seem to have the problem with the 1-3 min poses. I don't have time to think, just time to do it my way!

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