Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sweetness on the Seas

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I started this comic as a suggestion by my former boss Mez to practice my comic book skills. I planned to just make a one-shot 7 page piece but ended up liking the characters and started to continue the story with page 8. The change in color scheme for page 8 is, of course very deliberate- my intent being to carry a particular color scheme through a "chapter" so since the second part is introducing the characters to the ship and taking them out to sea I wanted to switch to a more nautical color scheme to contrast from the browns used on land. I'm planning on designing a website for it and seeing if it can take off as a webcomic. I had reformatted it and submitted it to but it was formally rejected (after 3 months of waiting) last week. Must have been too sweet for them! ;)

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